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I love traveling – especially to Europe – in fact it has become a passion.  This passion came later in life so you can say I am a late bloomer traveler.


Who knew my passion and love of European travel would begin when my older son did a semester of study abroad in Europe?  Yet who would really be surprised?  I have always been interested in my ancestral roots – which are mostly European -- and history in general.  It should not be a surprise that visits to the medieval cathedrals, castles, and palaces would captivate me.  That day trip to the century-old city of Toledo an hour outside of Madrid would pave the way for my passion and where relaxing vacations now are explorations and adventures.


I am not claiming to be an expert but found through trial and error, things that make my journeys more enjoyable.  I would like to share what I have learned and turn my travel tips into maximizing your journeys. 


I once saw an article that said to skip package tours and cruises and have adventures instead – I halfway agree with this and would say do half and half.  I am not a fan of packaged tours and agree it curtails your freedom and ability to have impromptu meetings with locals and surprise finds.  I do however love scheduling day trips and leaving some days open to fill in as you go as you explore and meet other people who share places they have enjoyed.  I like to use travel book guides not as itineraries, but as just that, guides. 


I hope to offer ways to help make your travels more enjoyable and maybe even inspire some TO TRAVEL.


Please join me as we travel together whether you are a young traveler, late bloomer traveler, a reluctant traveler – or somewhere in between – watching our travel dollar in some ways – trying to be efficient but always ready for fun and adventure.

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